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Finalist Bio (Men) #5: Rabbi Yosef Wolf

Rabbi Yosef Wolf   A sought after expert in Gemara learning, Rabbi Wolf was instrumental in setting up innovative new programs for gemara learning throughout his school community. While students who come into his class may be hesitant to embrace Gemara learning, “by the end of the year students are very comfortable delving into Talmud [...]

Finalist Bio (Women) #5: Mrs. Baylie Vail

Mrs. Baylie Vail   Morah Vail is an exceptionally devoted and beloved mechanches who constantly gives of her own time, money and resources to shower her students with the best introduction to Chinuch possible. With an innate ability to reach every single student, and an inner drive to do whatever is needed to ensure their [...]

Finalist Bio (Men) #4: Rabbi Zalman Schapiro

Rabbi Zalman Schapiro It is very hard to find a mechanech who is both a consummate professional while retaining a Chasidish varmkeit in loving each of his students. Rabbi Schapiro is one such man. An organized, efficient and professional educator who brings a wealth of experience to the table, Rabbi Schapiro is also a beloved [...]

Finalist Bio (Women) #4: Mrs. Nechama Tauber

Mrs. Nechama Tauber, Lubavitch Educational Center, Florida Mrs. Tauber is far from a conventional frontal teacher. Creative and inventive, she is constantly innovating in her classroom, implementing new and exciting ideas that are then shared with others and incorporated schoolwide. Involved both in hands-on learning and numerous extra-curriculars, Mrs. Tauber’s classes and activities are “interesting [...]

Finalist Bio (Men) #3: Rabbi Yossel Sirota

Rabbi Yossel Sirota   When it comes to chinuch, Rabbi Sirota knows one philosophy: positivity. A phenomenal mechanech who truly cares about his students’ wellbeing, Rabbi Sirota’s positive reinforcement and ability to raise his student’s confidence up with a simple kind word are legendary. Known to hold his class spellbound as he weaves text learning [...]