Lead STEM Instructor

Are you excited about science and technology? Do you have a passion for shlichus?

A growing out of town school is seeking to hire a full time STEM instructor to engage students with eye opening science and technology skills through a spirit of Torah and yiras shomayim.



– Frum, yerei shomayim and emunah in torah misinai

– Very knowledgeable in elementary school level science and technology

– Prior teaching experience with various ages of elementary school

– Strong creative skills

– Evidence of planning, organization, and time management skills that will bring structure and accountability to the position.

– A proven track record in the use of a rich array of instructional methods, the analysis and use of data and technology to improve instruction

– Proven ability to collaborate with other teachers as a team


Comfortable compensation including benefits and moving expenses.

Please send your resume to [email protected] 


To apply for this job please visit mymef.org .