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Free Webinar Series

Looking to enhance your skills as an educator?

MEF is pleased to offer a free monthly webinar for teachers to brush up on classroom basics. Ranging from classroom management to standards-based learning, the webinars will hone in on practical tools and innovative ideas to use in your teaching.

Each webinar is limited to 20 participants. To ensure maximum participation, a $10 refundable deposit is required, which will be credited back  to you following participation in the course.

The first webinar is open to Mechanchos (female teachers) teaching at any Chabad school and will be given by Mrs. Henny Bartfield, a celebrated teacher in Coral Springs, Florida.

Upcoming Webinar Topic: “Making Your Lessons Hit Home” Setting lesson objectives that will anchor your lesson, ease your preparation, and ensure that you reach your goals!

Date: Tuesday, Yud Alef Shvat 5777, February 7th 2017. 8-9:30pm EST.
Future webinars will be presented by Rabbi Yossi Rosenblum, Rabbi Zelly Silber, Ms. Chani Kramer, among many others.
Thank you for your interest in this webinar series. The upcoming webinar is full. 
To receive updates about further webinars in this series, please leave your contact information below.