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Looking to enhance your skills as an educator?

MEF is pleased to offer a free monthly webinar for teachers to brush up on classroom basics. Ranging from classroom management to standards-based learning, the webinars will hone in on practical tools and innovative ideas to use in your teaching.

Each webinar is limited to 20 participants. To ensure maximum participation, a $10 refundable deposit is required, which will be credited back  to you following participation in the course.

Upcoming Webinar: “Teaching Rashi” with Rabbi Yossi Rosenblum


The Course:

Rashi is the “יינה של תורה”! How do you give students the skills to learn and understand Rashi – while always ensuring that their learning leads to a deeper appreciation of the הוראות in the חומש?
Find out.
The Presenter:
 Rabbi Rosenblum is a veteran Mechanech, principal of Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh and trailblazer of many educational initiatives such as the Zekelman Standards for Chumash and the Sefer Hamitzvos Chidon.
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