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Chabad Chinuch Convention & Retreat

for Mechanchos


י”ב – י”ג תמוז, תשפ”ב

JULY 11 & 12, 2022


2701 Summer Street, Stamford, CT 06905

About the Chabad Chinuch Convention & Retreat

The 7th Annual כינוס מחנכות חב”ד brings together educators from across the globe for two days of knowledge, inspiration, networking, and practical teaching solutions. As a fully immersive retreat, the Convention gives educators the opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate in an elegant atmosphere, while gaining tools for the coming year.

ברוב עם הדרת מלך: Every Chabad Mechaneches working in any kind of school is invited to join. The Chinuch Banquet and Farbrengen are also open to guests who wish to show support for this vital work, and in turn gain strength and inspiration to rededicate themselves to Chinuch in all of its forms.

Whether you are a teacher, school leader, specialist or aspiring educator; and whether you teach Limudei Kodesh or Limudei Chol, to toddlers or teenagers – we invite you to join us. Feel treated and empowered, equipped and inspired at the Kinus Mechanchos Chabad.


About The Menachem Education Foundation

At the Menachem Education Foundation (MEF), it is our mission to be the best champions of Chabad students. We accomplish this goal by working with Chabad schools to raise the bar of learning and empower teachers and leaders. For more about MEF, visit


New Tools for a Timeless Chinuch.

In honor of the חג הגאולה of י”ב-י”ג תמוז,
We honor Mechanchos who are reaching into new times,
To bring a timeless Torah Chinuch to the generation of גאולה,
With new tools, new energy, and new inspiration
From our Torah and our Rebbeim.

Featured Presenters Include:

Mrs. Henny Bartfield | Rabbi Dr. Eli Tuchman

And many more!


The convention program will feature sessions and workshops that highlight the unique responsibilities and challenges of an educator today. Sessions include practical workshops offered by successful educators, and presentations by psychologists and other experts in meeting students’ needs. Workshops will be offered in parallel tracks so each Mechanaches can customize her experience, including programming offered specifically for School Leadership, Early Childhood, and General Studies.

Additionally, the Kinus features inspirational talks, individual coaching, structured networking opportunities, and a Gala Banquet. Exquisitely catered dining, women’s swim hours, and sessions focusing on a teacher’s physical and spiritual well-being, will round out the program. Each guest will leave feeling refreshed, appreciated, and prepared for a new successful school year.


(Schedule is subject to change until the detailed program is finalized.)

Monday, July 11 – י”ב תמוז

  • 9:30 AM Kinus begins with reading of a פ”ן כללי and תפילות at the Ohel. (Please see registration details below for various transportation options.)
  • 12:00 PM Programming kicks off with lunch at the Armon Hotel
  • 1:00 PM – 5:15 PM Workshops and sessions in six parallel tracks to choose from.
  • 5:15 PM Mechanchos “Family Photo” followed by rejuvenating break with a tea room and other amenities.
  • 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM The Gala Chinuch Banquet: be treated, be inspired, be empowered.
  • 9:00 PM – 10:30 PM Intimate farbrengens to choose from – recharge spiritually to gain the chizuk you need.

Tuesday, July 12 – י”ג תמוז

  • 8:00 AM – 8:45 AM Chassidus and Tefilla
  • 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM Breakfast to enjoy at your leisure.
  • 9:00 AM The Chinuch Resource Fair, open throughout the day, for your personal and educational needs.
  • 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Workshops and sessions to choose from, lunch and comedic relief.
  • 5:00 PM צאתכם לשלום (A light take-away dinner is provided for your return trip.)


How do I know if this Kinus is for me?2022-05-25T11:46:58-04:00

If you hold or are looking to hold any Chinuch position for the coming school year, then you will enjoy the tools, networking, and inspiration provided by this event. This includes both Limudei Kodesh or General Studies, school leadership or teaching roles, assistants and specialists, for ages 2 through 12th grade. Whether you are a new teacher-in-training or a veteran educator, Mechanchos of all ages and stages have enjoyed this event. This is a Chabad event, however you are welcome to join whatever kind of school you teach in. Please be respectful of Chabad values when attending the Kinus. 

Can I bring my family?2022-05-25T11:53:10-04:00

This event is for women only. Please make other arrangements for your family at that time, as we cannot accommodate spouses and children at the hotel. Infants up to 24 months can join you provided that they participate in the babysitting program listed in the registration options.

What is the registration fee for the Chinuch Convention?2022-05-25T11:53:28-04:00

Please refer to our new 3 tier pricing structure on the registration section of this page. We ask educators to please pay the actual cost if possible (tier 1), or the subsidized price (tier 2). Tier 3 and scholarships are to ensure that no teacher is left behind from participating in this conference.

What is included in my registration fee?2022-05-25T11:53:49-04:00

Your registration includes the hotel accommodations, workshops and sessions, meals and refreshments and any additional amenities provided by the hotel such as swimming. This is true regardless of which pricing tier you choose, unless you select Daytime or Banquet only. Bussing and Babysiting are an additional fee that you can select during registration.

What if I need to arrive the night before the program begins, or depart the morning after it ends?2022-05-25T11:54:08-04:00

We have included extended stay options for before and after the program in the registration form. Please note that there is no programming, meals or refreshments provided before program start time and after the program concludes. If you are reserving an extra night at the hotel, please ensure that you packed all of your needs for the extended stay.

What if I’m not sure yet about my bussing and babysitting needs?2022-05-25T11:54:27-04:00

Bussing and babysitting can only be reserved at the time that you register. Please make your best guess when registering, and if changes need to be made at a later point, please email us at [email protected].

What if I’m coming by car or taxi instead of by bus?2022-05-27T14:01:02-04:00

If you’re coming by car, you can choose to meet our group at the Ohel at 9:00 AM, or at the hotel in time for the program to begin at noon. Please come a little bit early to give you adequate time to obtain your room key and sign in to the program. If you have space in your car (or taxi), please join the ride sharing WhatsApp group to offer rides to others who may need a similar ride as you. There is an additional $10 fee for parking at the hotel.

When will the daily schedule be posted?2022-05-25T15:03:16-04:00

When registration opens, a Program Highlights document features our growing list of presenters and sessions, and it is updated regularly until the full schedule is ready. The final daily schedule will be posted just prior to the Convention. You can view this year’s growing presenter list by clicking here. You can get a general sense of the style and caliber of programming by viewing last year’s program guide here. If you need to make a scheduling decision based on program details that are not yet posted, please email us with your specific query at [email protected].

What if I have dietary restrictions?2022-05-25T15:01:41-04:00

We endeavor to provide a variety of nutritious options at each meal and for refreshments, including non-dairy and gluten free items. If you have a specific allergy or dietary request, please contact us at [email protected].

What is the suggested attire for the Kinus Mechanchos Chabad?2022-05-25T11:55:38-04:00

One of the most beautiful features of the Kinus Mechanchos Chabad is the atmosphere of camaraderie and focus on shared values. Feel free to dress accordingly in a comfortable but professional fashion. You may wear formal attire for the Banquet if you wish, but it is not required. Please adhere to the Chabad standard for Tznius dress.

What should I pack?2022-05-25T11:56:03-04:00

Water bottles, refreshments, pens and notepads will be provided to you. The hotel room comes stocked with your showering needs. Please feel free to bring anything else that will make you comfortable during your stay. Hotels tend to maintain a chilly temperature in the session rooms as well as bedrooms, so feel free to bring an extra layer for the daytime in case it’s needed, as well as an extra layer of sleepwear if you think you might be cold. (You can also adjust the thermostat in your individual room upon arrival.) If you enjoy swimming, please bring your bathing suit as well.

Are there health guidelines?2023-03-21T11:58:55-04:00

Out of respect for fellow participants, please do not come if you have an active contagious illness. (Similarly, please do not bring a sick child to the babysitting program.) At the same time, we do not take responsibility for the health-related conduct or outcomes of anyone participating in the Kinus. If you are at-risk or have health concerns at the Kinus, please use your own discretion in choosing to participate or taking any precautions that will make you feel more comfortable at the event.

What is the cancellation policy?2022-05-27T14:02:11-04:00

Should you need to cancel before June 27, you will be refunded  50% of your registration fee. After that date, only health related cancellations will receive the 50% refund. No other refunds will be available.

What is the Kashrus standard at the Kinus?2022-06-13T17:40:27-04:00

The event is under the CHK, with a mashgiach Timidi. 



Executive Director
Rabbi Zalman Shneur

Educational Director
Mrs. Chanah Rose

Event Manager
Mrs. Alyson Feldman

Mrs. Etty Teleshevsky


Rabbi Nosson Gurary

Rabbi Chaim Dovid Kagan

Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf


Mrs. Chana Brod,
Bais Rivkah Elementary School, Crown Heights

Mrs. Batsheva Deren,
Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh

Mrs. Shana Teichtel,
Bais Rivkah High School, Crown Heights


Convention Chairwoman
Mrs. Nami Friedman,
Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh

Special Divisions Chair
Mrs. Chanie Feldman,
Cheder Chabad of Philadelphia

Networking Chair
Mrs. Malkie Gurkow,
Shluchim Online School


Mrs. Chedvi Baras,
All My Children Daycare, Crown Heights

Mrs. Chaya Sara Barrocas,
Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy

Mrs. Bashy Levilev,
Oholei Torah Preschool, Crown Heights

Mrs. Devora Schwei,
Oholei Torah Head Start, East Flatbush


Mrs. Chana Greenberg,
Monsey Bais Chaya Mushka High School

Mrs. Tzirl Goldman,
Bais Rivka High School

Mrs. Batsheva Slapochnik,
Beth Rivkah High School, Montreal

Mrs Chaya Zirkind,
Bais Rivkah High School, Crown Heights


Mrs. Rivka Fishman,
Torah Day School, Houston

Mrs. Chanie Feldman,
Cheder Chabad of Philadelphia

Mrs. Nami Friedman,
Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh

Mrs. Chanie Geisinsky,
Silverstein Hebrew Academy, Long Island

Mrs. Malkie Gurkow,
Shluchim Online School

Ms. Bryna Horvitz,
Ateres Chaya Mushka, Crown Heights

Mrs. Miriam Laufer,
Bais Chaya Mushka, Crown Heights

Ms. Rivky Laufer,
Ateres Chaya Mushka, Crown Heights

Mrs. Esther Levy,
Lubavitch Educational Center, Miami

Mrs. Golda Litvin,
Louisville Jewish Day School, Kentucky

Mrs. Chavi Rappaport,
Adult Education, Toronto

Mrs. Liba Rapoport,
Bais Rivkah, Crown Heights

Mrs. Chaya Bracha Rubin,
Maimonides Hebrew Day School, Albany

Ms. Baylie Vail,
Bais Rivkah, Crown Heights

Mrs. Rivky Vogel,
Bais Chaya Mushka, Crown Heights


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