Passion for Chinuch Showcased at Annual Job Fair

Passion for Chinuch Showcased at Annual Job Fair. Dozens of current and prospective educators gathered on Sunday, April 3, for the fourth annual  Chinuch Job Fair. Hosted by the Menachem Education Foundation as a service to the community, the Chinuch event, which hosted separate hours for men and women, provided a venue for educators seeking positions and schools looking to hire…

Veshinantam 5777!

Sunday: Chinuch Network Event

One Equals Four, Two is Eight

Campaign Calls ‘Unite for Chinuch’

What Can We Do For Chinuch?

Name of Candidate: Elisheva Greene

323-844-8995, [email protected] Would like to work with: Grades 1-8 Position Seeking:   Main Teacher, School Leadership / Instructional Leadership Would consider working in: Anywhere outside of the U.S.A. Other Specifications:  Full Time, Limudei Kodesh, Individual looking for a position Current or most recent position in Chinuch: YTEA Los Angeles, CA 2nd & 3rd grade. Other Qualifications: Graduated Teachers Seminary. Attended professional seminars/workshops; formulating lessons for diverse…

Seeking: Teacher

The Jewish Academy Contact: Chaya Teldon, [email protected] Available Position: We are looking for a teacher (male or female) for a morning position: 1 hr of First/Second 1 hour 3-5 1 hour 7-8 1 hour of collaborative time with General studies and Ivrit teacher. Please contact us for more information. Salary commensurate with experience. (No first year teacher need apply) 8:30 - 12:30Resume…

Seeking: Teachers

Yeshiva Primary, Queens, NY Contact: Mrs. Klein, [email protected], 718-217-4700 Kiruv Yeshiva seeking Morah positions to teach Zisse Yiddishe Kinderlach for morning classes. Available positions: Limudei Kodesh, lower-mid elementary grades.

Seeking: Teacher

Oholei Yosef Yitzchok Lubavitch of Crown Heights, Crown Heights Contact: Mrs. M. Shneiderman, [email protected], 646-450-4770 Growing Crown Height’s Yeshiva is seeking talented, energetic and enthusiastic Rebbi for New Elementary Grade for this coming school year. Applicants should be trained/or be willing to be trained in Open Classroom Setting and Differentiated Instruction. School offers supportive environment, teacher training, and competitive salary.…