Our Team:

Meet MEF’s leadership team: 13 people who shape the organization’s goals, services and strategy.

Rabbi Zalman Shneur, Executive Director

A tireless activist on behalf of Jewish learning and professional education, Rabbi Shneur founded the Menachem Education Foundation in an effort to raise the bar for Chabad education. He is widely recognized for his solutions-oriented approach to challenges and his passionate advocacy for students.

Rabbi Shmuel Goldman, Strategic Initiatives and Technology

As co-founder and former COO of Intrasphere Technologies, Inc., Rabbi Goldman brings his business expertise, as well as a long career of community service to improving MEF’s infrastructure and operations.

Mrs. Chanah Rose, Educational Director

After nearly a decade as a teacher and curriculum director, Mrs. Rose has taken her passion for education to the next level in her role as MEF’s educational director, where she works with teachers, schools and other constituents to bring MEF’s lofty educational goals to life in the classroom. Mrs. Rose also leads the women’s division of TIP.

Rabbi Nissen Brenenson, Chabad School Network Project Manager

With a long career in education and management, including stints as a camp director, supplementary school principal, and director of education at the Jewish Children’s Museum, Rabbi Brenenson is currently serving as CSN project manager, overseeing all of its operations in its pilot year.

Rabbi Zelly Silber, Teacher Induction Program Director

A veteran teacher of 8 years at Cheder Chabad of Monsey, Rabbi Silber is himself an alumnus of MEF’s first TIP cohort and a sought after teacher, mentor and advisor. Today, he directs the men’s division of the TIP.

Mrs. Blumie Gurevitz, Women’s Teacher Coaching Program Instructor

A veteran educator with over a decade of experience with a variety of age groups, experienced teacher, mentor, curriculum coordinator and instructional leader at Cheder Chabad of Philadelphia, Mrs. Gurevitz was personally trained to lead the Teacher Coaching Program by its chief developer, Ms. Liz Gewirtzman.

Rabbi Levi Feldman, Men’s Teacher Coaching Program Instructor

A highly experienced educator with a knack for leadership, Rabbi Feldman became a mentor through MEF’s early coaching program and went on to direct and lead the men’s cohort of the new Teacher Coaching Program.

Mrs. Mimi Mark, Fundraising Specialist

A veteran fundraising professional, Mrs. Mark started her development career in the Jewish Federation system and then went on to raise funds for other Jewish organizations. At MEF she helps manage the annual campaign, grant applications, as well as board and leadership development.

Ms. Rivka Tauber, Program Coordinator and Office Manager

In addition to being the coordinator for MEF’s events and programming, Ms. Tauber manages the main office and is acting assistant to the Executive Director. A vital member of the administration team, Ms. Tauber takes on many important managerial roles in the organization.

Rabbi Reuven Deray, Systems Administrator

As MEF’s in-house tech and media maven, Rabbi Deray manages all aspects of the growing Zekelman Standards website. He also focuses on creating technological solutions for MEF’s many programs and helps develop the website and other tech-based systems.

Ms. Shaina Shagalow, Program Officer

With a strong background in management, Ms. Shagalow oversees the TIP, TCP and Veshinantam programs, where she leads, develops and coordinates various aspects of these projects.

Mr. Yehuda Sugar, School Placement and Recruitment

As the director of MEF’s educational job placement program, Mr. Sugar has a keen understanding of what schools and job seekers are looking for and works tirelessly to make effective matches that will benefit all parties.

Mrs. Rena Udkoff, Copywriter

An experienced writer with a talent for breaking down big ideas into clear and simple words, Mrs. Udkoff helps tell MEF’s story throughout the organization’s written communication.

Educational Consultants:

MEF seeks to help Chabad schools excel educationally and professionally. Our team of expert educational consultants guide us in implementing cutting edge pedagogical solutions in harmony with the religious values that Chabad schools are founded upon.

Ms. Liz Gewirtzman, MA, Educational Consultant, TIP and TCP curriculum

A Distinguished Lecturer at Baruch College School of Public Affairs and nationally recognized “teacher of teachers,” Ms. Gewirtzman has consulted for the NYC Board of Education, the Rochester City School System, the NYC Leadership Academy, and MEF’s leadership training initiatives.

Rabbi Menachem Greenbaum, Zekelman Standards Development Team

As Principal of the high performing Cheder Menachem of Los Angeles, CA, and recipient of the Milken Jewish Educator Award, Rabbi Greenbaum contributes to the content and integrity of MEF’s educational activities.

Rabbi Yossi Rosenblum, Zekelman Standards of Judaic Studies Director

A widely esteemed educational consultant and principal of blue-ribbon winning Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh, Rabbi Rosenblum steers the content and development of the Zekelman Standards and acts as a senior advisor of MEF’s educational initiatives.

Dr. Sara Rosenfeld, D.Ed, Zekelman Standards Development Team

Director of Curriculum in Yeshiva-Beth Rivkah Colleges in Melbourne, Australia, and author of numerous Judaic curricula and workbooks, Dr. Rosenfeld is sought after as a presenter and Jewish educational consultant around the world.

Dr. Chana Silberstein, PhD, Senior Advisor for Curriculum and Educational Programming

Educational director of Chabad of Ithaca and former dean of curriculum at the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI), Dr. Silberstein has over 25 years’ experience in education and curriculum development, and a PhD in experimental psychology from Cornell University.

Dr. Elliot Spiegel, D.Ed, CSN Governance

With a long career history in school governance and leadership, Dr. Spiegel has been in the forefront of the growth of Conservative day schools. Today, he brings that expertise to CSN as a primary consultant in the areas of school governance and organizational structure.

Board of Directors:

MEF’s board of directors is composed of dedicated, diverse, and engaged lay leaders whose wisdom and experience make them ideal stewards of our mission.

Mr. Alan Zekelman

Alan Zekelman, is president of various companies including Atlas Tube, Inc., a leading Canadian manufacturer of steel construction and industrial tubing. Mr. Zekelman is the primary benefactor of the Zekelman Standards for Judaic Studies.

Mr. Gerald Eisenberg

Gerald Eisenberg is a recognized financial service industry expert, with experience in financial planning, tax consulting, accounting, and real estate. Mr. Eisenberg is the patron of MEF’s Eisenberg Award.

Mr. Yosef Frimerman

Yosef Frimerman is a respected entrepreneur in the kosher food industry and acts as treasurer of the Tzivos Hashem Jewish Children’s International organization. Mr. Frimerman has a passion for supporting educational organizations for Jewish youth.

Rabbi Zalman Shneur

Rabbi Zalman Shneur is the Executive Director and Founder of the Menachem Education Foundation.

Mr. Abraham Pasternak

Abraham Pasternak serves as C.O.O. of PCS Wireless, where he has helped the company optimize its management systems and environmental processes. A generous philanthropist, Mr. Pasternak is a staunch supporter of MEF’s mission and goals.

Mr Norman Friedman

Norman Friedman is a senior partner and founding member of Norse Realty Group. Mr. Friedman has a background in education and is active in supporting religious activities at Jewish educational institutions.

Executive Commitee:

MEF’s Executive Committee is comprised of trusted advisors and national leaders who share our vision of vibrant Jewish education.

Dr. Galina Datskovksy

Galina Datskovsy, PhD, CRM is the CEO of Vaporstream and is an internationally known expert in the fields of compliance, information governance and associated technologies. She has also served on the board of multiple startups, assisting with strategy.

Dr. Nathaniel Deutsch

Nathaniel Deutsch is a professor of history at the University of California in Santa Cruz, where he holds the Neufeld-Levin Endowed Chair of Holocaust Studies and serves as the Co-Director of the Center for Jewish Studies and the Director of the Institute for Humanities Research.

Dr. Charlotte K. Frank

Dr. Charlotte K. Frank is the Senior Vice President of Research and Development in McGraw-Hill’s Education department, guiding educational initiatives in hers and other departments.

Rabbi Yosef Simpson

Rabbi Yosef Simpson is the principal of the United Lubavitch Yeshiva in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and acts as vice chairman of the Association of Yeshiva Principals.

Vaad Hamechanchim:

MEF is committed to maintaining Halachic and Hashkafic integrity throughout all of its programs, activities, and decisions. To this end, MEF defers to a Vaad Hamechanchim, a body comprised of widely respected, experienced, and insightful leaders in Yeshiva education. This Vaad reviews all of MEF programs and outputs to ensure that they meet the standards of its community (i.e. Chabad). They identify when and if Rabbinical guidance is called for in order to resolve a Halachic question, and are responsible to obtain such guidance from an appropriate Rabbinical authority.

Rabbi Menachem Greenbaum

As Principal of the high performing Cheder Menachem of Los Angeles, CA, and recipient of the Milken Jewish Educator Award, Rabbi Greenbaum contributes to the content and integrity of MEF’s educational activities.

Rabbi Zalman Leib Markowitz

Rabbi Zalman Leib Markowitz is an esteemed educator and sought after consultant, who travels internationally to speak and advise individuals and communities regarding Chinuch for their children. Rabbi Markowitz has over thirty years of experience in the field, including a stint as principal of Cheder Lubavitch of Morristown, NJ.

Rabbi Yossi Rosenblum

A widely esteemed educational consultant and principal of blue-ribbon winning Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh, Rabbi Rosenblum steers the content and development of the Zekelman Standards and acts as a senior advisor of MEF’s educational initiatives.

Partners in Education:

MEF is proud to partner with leading educational organization to ensure we provide the highest quality programming to benefit Chabad students. Our current and past partners include some of the most innovative and forward-thinking institutions in the worlds of Jewish education and philanthropy.

NYC Leadership Acadamy

The Jewish New Teacher Project

Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life

Gemara Berura

Kohelet Foundation

Daniel Kahalani Teaching Initiative

Daniel Kahalani Teaching Initiative