Chabad School Leadership Program


Excellence in Chinuch begins with excellent school leadership. In our efforts to honor our commitment to our students and to achieve our vision for student outcomes, MEF’s school leadership initiatives aim to provide rigorous, high-quality leadership development for educational leaders.

The Chabad School Leadership Program is designed for aspiring principals who can fill vacancies in principalships in Chabad Schools, and for current principals who wish to strengthen their own practice, knowledge, and skills on behalf of their schools.


Program Kick Off | Summer 2016. One-year program runs from July through June.

Training | Includes a 7-day summer summit, 8 in-person training days during the school year, a series of interactive webinars, and visits to schools.

Coaching | 40 hours (5 days) of individualized, ongoing support from seasoned education experts.

For more information about the Leadership Program, click here.

To Register, please fill out the application form and email to [email protected] or call (718)-663-7215 with any questions.

Registration deadline for the Chabad School Leadership Program is June 7th, Rosh Chodesh Sivan.