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TIP Grad uses innovative methods to teach writing skills

Students from Morristown who haven't graduated yet can claim this accomplishment: Publishing a book currently sold on Amazon. How many authors do you know under Bar Mitzvah? Morristown now boasts 10 such writers. Available for sale on Amazon, "The Missing Principal" (CreateSpace, 88 pages) was written and published by 4th graders of Cheder Lubavitch Morristown, [...]

Nominate a Teacher Today!

Nominate A Teacher Today! Nominate today This time of year is marked by countdowns. Each day we carefully count the Omer as we eagerly approach Shavuos. For many students, an extra countdown is calculated as they anticipate their last day of school and the start of summer camp. But isn’t it ironic that at the [...]

Veshinantam Program Brings Torah to Life

The new "Veshinantam" program from Menachem Education Foundation is bringing Torah learning to life for students at schools across the country. In Cheder Menachem of Los Angeles, students now start each day singing a song in Yiddish that states their intent to go learn “the Aibershter’s Torah, our holy mesorah…” Fifth grade girls in Philadelphia [...]

Veshinantam 5777!

Sunday: Chinuch Network Event

Sunday: Chinuch Network Event The Fourth Annual Chinuch Job Fair from the Menachem Education Foundation will give educators the opportunity to meet with schools looking to hire. The Menachem Education Foundation is hosting its Fourth Annual Chinuch Job Fair on Sunday April 3rd at Lubavitcher Yeshiva, 570 Crown Street. The event, which has become known [...]