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Finalist Bio (Men) #2: Rabbi Yosef Wolowik

Rabbi Yosef Wolowik   Although he is already a well-established mechanech, Rabbi Wolowik is never satisfied with the status quo, constantly seeking to refine and enhance his educational skills. Rabbi Wolowik continues to innovate creating workbooks and guides to assist students in understanding Gemara. Recognized for developing a teaching methodology that stresses the fundamental skills [...]

Finalist Bio (Women) #3: Mrs. Miriam Gerber

Mrs. Miriam Gerber, Cheder Chabad Philadelphia   A beloved Morah at Cheder Chabad of Philadelphia, Mrs. Gerber was the leading visionary that founded the now successful school in her own basement. Her lifelong dedication to Chinuch was realized as the school grew and prospered, with Mrs. Gerber playing a key role in developing exceptional learning [...]

Finalist Bio (Men) #1: Rabbi Shuki Steinberg

Rabbi Shuki Steinberg A passionate mechanch who is devoted to seeing his students succeed, Rabbi Steinberg will do whatever it takes to make sure each one of his students reaches his full potential. Energetic and enthusiastic, he brings learning to life with exciting stories, innovative activities and a unique charisma that is all his own. [...]

Finalist Bio (Women) #2: Ms. Chanale Chanin

Ms. Chanale Chanin, Bnos Chomesh Crown Heights A mechaneches par excellence, Ms. Chanin is a teacher who does not just teach her students how to learn, she teaches them how to think. Insisting on exceptional rigor and pushing her students to think critically of their subject, Ms. Chanin regularly delves into the “why” of what [...]

Finalist Bio (Women) #1: Morah Henny Bartfield

Morah Henny Bartfield, 1st Grade, Hebrew Academy of Margate Known for her loving and warm demeanor and her use of innovative teaching techniques to engage her students, Morah Henny Bartfield has become one of Southern Florida’s most treasured Morahs. Despite her extensive experience, she never rests on her laurels or becomes stagnant in her teaching, [...]