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“Moving Beyond Translation” Workshop with Mrs. Sara Rosenfeld

Do you teach Chumash or another text-based subject, in any grade from 1st through 12th? Does your class spend a lot of time on translation and the important mechanics of learning, yet you’re not sure whether they actually got the message of the Pesukim? Are you looking for techniques to dig deeper and trigger your [...]

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Professional Tools for a Chassidishe Chinuch.

The Yom Tov of Chanukah is all about Jewish children. Whether it is the stories of Yiddishe kinder playing dreidel games during the time of the Yevanim, or the exciting Chanukah parties and gelt that are prevalent today, this Yom Tov is really a celebration of a Jewish future through our youth. This is further [...]

Eisenberg Award Recognizes a Great Teacher

By Rena Udkoff At a recent teacher appreciation event, the Menachem Education Foundation (MEF) honored Rabbi Yehoshua Einbinder, a 5th grade melamed at Yeshiva Darchai Menachem, with the prestigious Eisenberg Award. Over the past several years, MEF has awarded exceptional teachers in cities across the USA to show them how much they matter. The honor [...]