MEF on eJewish Philanthropy

Lean, Mean, and Clean: a New Model For Educating Educators   By Menachem Posner When Rabbi Zalman Shneur founded the Menachem Education Foundation in 2008 with the goal of facilitating elevated learning opportunities in the Jewish world, he had a … Continued

“Moving Beyond Translation” Workshops Draw 100+

Chumash educators gathered in Crown Heights for a powerful workshop called “Moving Beyond Translation.” Mrs. Sara Rosenfeld led the workshop twice under the auspices of the Menachem Education Foundation. The first run, attended by 45, targeted general mechanchos while the … Continued

Educators: Heed the Rebbe’s Call This Summer

The Menachem Education Foundation Second Annual Summer Seminar – Registration Now Open.   Time and again, the Lubavitcher Rebbe called for summer vacation to be used for “fortifying and expanding the Jewish education for children.”   This summer, the Menachem … Continued

Zekelman Standards Website Launch

The Zekelman Standards for Judaic Studies, which bring learning standards and accountability to teaching Chumash and Gemara, are now online for any principal, teacher or interested parent to browse. The new and interactive website allows users to sign up and … Continued

Chinuch Job Fair Draws Over 40 Schools, 200 Participants

Over 250 people attended the third annual Chabad Chinuch Job Fair last Sunday, March 15, 2000, hosted by the Menachem Education Foundation.  Over 40 Chabad schools, based in the United States and Canada, participated with separate hours for men and … Continued

Blog #3: Professional Tools for a Chassidishe Chinuch.

The Yom Tov of Chanukah is all about Jewish children. Whether it is the stories of Yiddishe kinder playing dreidel games during the time of the Yevanim, or the exciting Chanukah parties and gelt that are prevalent today, this Yom … Continued